Funeral Planning


Planning plays an important part in each of our lives. We make plans well in advance for our children's education and for other events such as weddings and vacations and our retirement.  We spend precious money planning and protecting against unexpected possibilities like fires, car accidents, and sickness.  It only makes sense to plan for the inevitable, and more people are taking this step today than ever before.

We will do everything possible to make this process simple and comfortable for you.


What is pre-planning?

Within hours of a death, families find themselves confronted with numerous difficult decisions and necessary details. Pre-planning is designed to alleviate this burden by making these decisions ahead of time. It may be as simple as recording one's biographical information, instructions, and wishes, or as detailed as selecting a casket and vault in advance.  Whatever is discussed will be put in writing and kept in our files for use when needed.  Financing may also be arranged in advance.


Is there a charge for this service?

At Leffler Funeral Home, we place great importance in planning ahead.  We consider assisting with pre-arrangements a courtesy to those we serve.  Accordingly, we will charge no fee for our time in assisting you.


What will be discussed?

What we talk about will vary depending on your intent and level of comfort with the subject matter.  At the very least you should be prepared to share biographical information such as dates of birth and marriage (s), military service, education, career information, memberships, and family information.  Burial or cremation preferences and service details will progress as long as you are comfortable.


Do I have to come to the funeral home?

NO.  We will be pleased to meet with you in the comfort of your own home, if you prefer.


Should I bring my family?

If you like, we can facilitate a discussion between you and your family.  Many find the sensitive subject matter difficult to bring up in conversation.  Pre-planning serves to bring these topics up for discussion at a time that is more relaxed and less emotional.  The resulting dialogue can be valuable and meaningful.  Regardless of whether you choose to include your family in this process, we strongly suggest that you inform them of your plans with us.


How does pre-paying work?

We will calculate for you the exact cost of your services and merchandise at today's prices.  You may pay for as much or as little as you like, or pay over time.  Pre-paid funds are placed directly into a funeral  trust or funeral insurance policy, where they will remain safely invested until the time of death.  These investments earn tax-exempt interest, which is used to guarantee the cost against inflation.  In a guaranteed plan, the funeral home guarantees that regardless of what happens to prices, interest, and inflation rates, no further money will be due for guaranteed items at the time of need.  Pre-paying is also an excellent means of safeguarding funds against attachment from nursing homes or public aid.  For more information on pre-paying, we suggest that you refer to the Illinois Consumers Guide to Pre-need and Burial Purchases published by the Comptroller's office, available online at


Do I have to prepay?

No.  It is important to many people to know that every detail is taken care of, and many also appreciate the value in pre-paying and freezing the cost, and the many guarantees that come with paying in advance.  However, many others have a personal life insurance policy or other means of financing their arrangements.


Is it possible to transfer an existing pre-plan?

Yes.  Nearly all pre-plans are easily transferred.  At the Leffler Funeral Home, we will honor any existing plan you may choose to transfer to our files from another funeral home.


How do I get started?

You may begin by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page that reads, "Request Pre-Planning Information" and by completing and submitting the form that follows.   I will personally contact you within a few days of receiving your contact information to discuss your options with you.  You may also contact us by calling 618-438-0021. There is no cost or obligation to you.