Services We Offer

Here are just some of our products and services that we offer.

Traditional Funeral Services, Personalized Celebration of Life Services, Memorial Services, Cremation Services, Graveside Services.

Traditional Funeral Services

Include funeral services in our chapel or at another facility (like at a church).  This type of service would include a visitation the evening before the funeral or on the same day as the funeral service. Your choice of music, whether it be recorded or live musicians. Your minister from your church, or if you do not have a family minister, we can assist in making arrangements for a minister of your choosing. Burial services after the funeral at the cemetery that you have chosen.  We offer a personalized digital video remembrance disc at no additional cost.  We also include the use of our automobile equipment for your convenience, which includes a hearse, limo and a van. When services are at our facility we provide a spacious handicap accessible family lounge area that includes coffee, soft drinks, bottled water and snacks.   Also we provide professionally printed memorial folders, we have several different styles to choose from.  We also have an outdoor smoking/garden area.  We also provide professional assistance with handling your life insurance claims, social security, and veteran benefits.

Personalized Celebration of Life Services

Includes all of the above services and we will help style the service with the personalization that is most important regarding your loved one.  We offer many casket panel inserts that help personalize the casket for your loved one.  We also will personalize the memorial folders with you or your loved ones' favorite verse, poem, prayer or saying.  We also provide an area for you to display items or personalization that were most important to your loved one and your family. We also have many easels available to display pictures or other items. 

Memorial Services

This type of service is usually held without the body present to remember the deceased and to help the family during their time of grief.  This type of service is selected when a person is direct cremated with no visitation or funeral service prior to the cremation, or could be selected when a person donates their body for scientific study.  This service can be held at our funeral home, a church, another type of gathering facility, or the graveside.

Graveside Funerals

A burial service, conducted at the site of the grave, tomb, mausoleum, at which the body of the decedent is buried or cremated at the conclusion.

Sometimes, the burial service will immediately follow the funeral, in which case a funeral procession travels from the site of the funeral or memorial service to the burial site. Other times, the burial service takes place at a later time, when the final resting place is ready.

If the decedent served in a branch of the Armed forces, military rites are often accorded at the burial service.

In many religious traditions, pallbearers, usually males who are close, but not immediate relatives (such as cousins, nephews or grandchildren) or friends of the decedent, will carry the casket from the chapel (of a funeral home or church) to the hearse, and from the hearse to the site of the burial service.

Cremation Services

The definition of Cremation is:  a process which reduces the body by heat to small bone fragments.  After this process is complete, the fragments are removed and the remaining fragments are pulverized and reduced to the consistency of coarse sand or crushed seashells. 

We offer several cremation packages to you. From Direct Cremation services to Cremation with visitation and a traditional funeral or celebration of life service.  With the visitation service, a family may purchase a cremation casket or we offer a hardwood rental casket, in which the interior is encased with a fiberboard cremation container, and at the conclusion of the services we remove the cremation container that is inside of the rental casket and transport your loved one to the crematory. After the cremation process is complete, you have the choice to keep the cremains with you or we can arrange for burial or entombment services.  We also offer cremation service packages that contain different choices of outer cremation containers, cremation caskets and urns. 

The cremains of your loved one are placed in a temporary container for you.  If you so desire you can purchase an urn for safekeeping of your loved one.  Some cemeteries require certain types of cremation containers and/or cremation vaults for earth burial, and we have many choices to assist you with those requirements.